HEZZO TOP SELLING 2400W Dual motor 20Ah Lithium Battery electric scooter 11Inch Off road Tire Disc Brake Electric kick scooters

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The Top sale of fast off road scooters

2400w dual motor 11 inches Aluminum Alloy frame with 20AH qualified 18650 lithium battery.

Among all HEZZO branded off road scooter ,The portable Hs-11x is one of the best selling model because of reliable quality and affordable prices. With dual 2400w motors ,you may reasily to ride upto 60 km.ride and cross the city and wild road with HEZZO full suspension is a great pleasure. the upgraded folding system entirely solve the problem of easy broken spare parts when fold and unfold the scooters, and the 20ah battery may provide a riding range upto 60km.There is App module inside of the scooter enable you to not only read information of milage and statue of batter,but also lock or unlock the scooter.IPX5 provide a reliable level of water proof though it is a raining season


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The famous TRUCK 3000W MID DRIVE motor central motor dynamically create 3000 Watt power and a torque of 300N.M., the motor is so light and quite (DBA<55dB) and superior for water proof( IPx5) No matter how difficult the riding conditions, the motor ensures the most stable and comfortable experience.


This dirt bke are handle rough terrain with a 30cm foot of suspension travel,

Front and rear shock suspension offer you best driving feeling,was easy take every terrain down ,Offer you mode riding pleasures.


Dirt bike must can be ride through mud ,sand,dust ,dirt,gravel and many other punsihing conditions, need to be sturdy, HD-DX100 was made by carbon steel ,max load can reach 400Kg ,so this means it was enough sturdy ,protect yourself avoid accident ,bring more riding pleassures,


You dont need a complicated designs ,dont need turn signal lights, flash lights or aero-dynamic panels,you just need a strong ,simple that will roar across the dirt ,This was the main things if you need a dirt bike ,just enjoying riding ,make this bike more power and easy to controll it .


Built for pure off-roading ,dirt bike need tires that are going to claw into the terrains traction ,HD-DX100 with 70/100-17 90/100-14 off road tires ,17 and 14 tires was easy take any terrains down,


Dirt bike are available in a wide range of engine and chassis sizesm,from 50cc bikes for kids to 500cc  machines for adults,when in doubt ,you cant go wrong with a samller bike for newbies,HD-DX100 is the one with 250CC,is suitable for boths ,it can meet everyone's needs


The lower price ,light weight (only 88.5KG with motor and battery) ,simple construction and the fact that you dont have to connected with traffic make dirt bikes great for beginners,HD-DX100 Dirt bike can reach all these request for all the beginner to start it ,Lower price ,light weight will be easy controll,Really a nice great starter bike .


While recreational dirt bikes dont have the high performance components found on motorcross machines ,thats actually better and cheaper for most causal riders,theis broader powerbands also make them more forgiving than racing bikes that require serious precision, so one easy handle was good for beginners and other riders ,HD-DX100 will help all riders increasing their riding pleasures .


Dirt bikes have a simple construction that makes them ideal for the DIY mechanic ,but the beating they tend to take also means that mechanic will be doing more wrenching than the average street rider,


LG 21700 battery cells ,30AH battery will offer a nice performance while riding it ,offer 60-80KM  long distance .



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