• What should you do the evening before you ride your e-bike to work?

    1. Check the weather forecast for tomorrow in advance The weather forecast is not 100% accurate, but it can help us to prepare in advance to a certain extent. So it's important to check the weather forecast the night before we go to work so that the bad weather doesn't s...
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  • Answers about e-bikes

    Are e-bikes waterproof? Of course they are. Electric bicycles are waterproof from the factory and can be ridden in the rain or through puddles of water with ease. However, this is limited to the surface of the e-bike being waterproof. If flooded, the water will still dam...
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  • Why are e-bikes worth having?

    1. They give you a better travel experience E-bikes have many of the same benefits as regular bikes, but because they add a little more power compared to regular bikes, you will be able to go longer and further at a faster pace. They will allow you to go faster than most...
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  • Reno International Bike Show

    The Reno International Bicycle Show will be held in Reno, USA on January 26-28, 2022, with only a few days to go as of today. The Reno International Bicycle Show has been held since 1982 and has become one of the well-known international exhibitions in the bicycle indust...
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  • International Bicycle Exhibition in Munich

    The Munich International Cycle Show 2022 will be held from November 28 to 30 at the Munich International Congress Center in Munich, Germany. Its organizer is the German Munich International Exhibition Group. Founded in 1964, the group is one of the world's top 10 exhibit...
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  • The California Sea Otter Bicycle Show

    The California Sea Otter Bike Show was originally an outdoor cycling event held at the Laguna Seca Resort in the small seaside town of Monterey, California, USA, named after the sea otter, a mammal common along the local Pacific coast. The event was first established in ...
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  • Why the future is bright for e-bikes?

    With the current trend of e-bikes being popular, I can imagine how much of the market they will take over in the future. But why can you say that? With the prevalence of e-bikes, it seems that more and more cyclists are beginning to abandon traditional bikes for e-bikes....
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  • What can e-bikes bring us?

    Can you imagine? Our lives will change dramatically when owning an electric bike. You may be thinking, but is it just a bike? What makes it capable of changing our lives? No. It's not a bike, or you can't simply say it's a bike, it's an electric bike. It is not just what...
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  • What is an e-bike?

    What is an e-bike?

    What do you think of when you first hear the word electric bike? A traditional pedal-powered bike? Or a bike with a drive like a motorbike? You must not have thought that while you are still thinking about what an e-bike is and what it looks like, it is already selling l...
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  • E-bike and HEZZO

    E-bike and HEZZO

    HEZZO is a new brand created by Zhejiang Speedy Flying Industry and Trade Co. Its design and production are based on advanced technology and innovative ideas. It was established to provide high-end electric bicycles and electric scooters to global buyers. Here we listen ...
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  • Factory Equipment & Production

    Factory Equipment & Production

    Speedy Flying has been manufacturing ebikes and escooters Since 2006”, we have been accumulated over 15 years’ rich production Experience and a very skillful designing and production team ,We are taking use of advanced frame production workshop including Pressure casting...
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