HEZZO 48V 500W Mid Drive Ebike 27.5″ Kenda 130Nm Powerfur Electric Mountain Bike 15Ah LG Long Range Electric Bicycle Emtb Eu Us Warehouse

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Perfect Mid drive Emtb   


The design of HEZZO HM-27D is the most optimized balance of weight and power ,

The award-winning BAFANG M620 500w mid drive motor create a 130 N.M torque enable to ride upto 45 km/h as max speed, the orginal LG 15 ah 18650 dual removable batteries provide a distance over 60-90km under PAS mode , the  27*2.8KENDA mountain tires ensure the full terrain ride and perfect stability. SHIMANO 7 speed gear and Full suspension with shock absorbers provide you the most comfortable riding experience just like you are driving the car .


BAFANG 500W MID DRIVE brushless Central Motor

The famous BAFANG M620 500W MID DRIVE central motor dynamically create 1500 Watt power and a torque of 130 N.M., the motor is so light and quite (DBA<55dB) and superior for water proof( Ipx65) No matter how difficult the riding conditions, the motor ensures the most stable and comfortable experience.

6061 Aluminium Frame

HEZZO HM-27D take use of higher-quality aluminium alloy for the body frame that creating stronger triangle stability and greatly enhanced load capacity. we promise a 2-years frame damage replacement service when it is performance failure.



27*2.8 mountain tires

With the super qualified wide mountain tires, obstacles such as jungle roads,mountain road,hills will not hinder your riding experience. These 2.8width mountain tires improve shock absorption and slip resistance.



EXSHO Adjustable Full Suspension

With F/R 100*50mm shock absorbers

The Adjustable Front and Rear suspension is a quadrilateral structure which perfectly unloads force, making this design suitable for riders of all abilities—from novice to professional. To maximize the safety and comfort of your HEZZO cycling experience,


LG Lithium Battery

Downtube Removable 48V 15Ah LG Battery 

Is the gurantee of long distrance ride (over than 90 km with pedal assist)The two batteries are easily to be removed from the bike to be charged anywhere in the house. all batteries of HEZZO bikes maintains 70% capacity after 2 years of usage


F/R  Shimano 7 Speed Gear & Hydraulic Brakes

HEZZO HM-27D comes along with both front and rear hydraulic brakes with mineral oil ensure you a safe And comfortable brake even during the high speed riding,HEZZO ebike consider always the safety and comfort of consumers as priority.


More free accessories

HEZZO BRANDED EBIKE provide a series of free accessories such as high quaity inflator,

Superbright (350LM) head light,ergonomic seat, sunglasses, rear rack etc.we think more for

satisfying your pleasure of riding .


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