International Bicycle Exhibition in Munich

The Munich International Cycle Show 2022 will be held from November 28 to 30 at the Munich International Congress Center in Munich, Germany. Its organizer is the German Munich International Exhibition Group. Founded in 1964, the group is one of the world's top 10 exhibition companies, organizing nearly 40 fairs worldwide each year in industries ranging from capital goods to high-tech and consumer goods, and boasting professional and superb brands in all fields.

Adhering to the advanced global management concept, Munich International Exhibitions has been committed to developing overseas markets for a long time and has formed a huge business network with 80 representative offices and 4 wholly-owned subsidiaries around the world. Over the years, the Munich International Trade Fair Group has insisted on the international, professional and oriented nature of its fairs and has been the first to introduce the new concept of oriented fairs in the industry, trying to break through the tradition, so that the fairs are no longer limited to ordinary product promotion, but become the pioneer of technology and trend release within each specialty. We believe that with the support of this group, the Munich International Cycle Show will be as smooth as ever.

The Munich International Cycle Show is an exhibition organized by the Munich International Trade Fair Company. After 10 years of research and market studies, industry insiders agree that the leading products in the bicycle industry are now gradually showing a development direction closer to the public's life, and that e-bikes, city bikes, family bikes and bicycle leisure tourism will increasingly become the focus of the industry. E-Bikes and Pedelecs were again the focus of this year's show and were seen as the biggest drivers of growth, with a wide range of new models and powertrains attracting particular attention. In addition, technical training, demonstrations and forums provided valuable information to all visitors.

Based on the success of previous shows, we believe that this year's show will be even better, and all in all, it will be a highly anticipated show.

Post time: Jan-20-2022