HEZZO 2022 Hot selling High Power 48 V 17Ah Electric bicycle lithium battery volt lithium battery Electric bike HB-26PRO built-in battery

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Orignal 17AH LG cell Lithium Battery For HB-26PRO

Authentic LG auto industry 18650 cell , reliable and last for longer usage provide endless power and energy. The battery can be charged with the bike or to be removed to charge in office or at home.


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HEZZO is a new international brand registered in UK, EU and US in order to continuously provide high-end qualified ebike and escooter to the worldwide buyers . the owner of HEZZO brand is Speedy Flying Group,is a direct manufacturer of electric bicycle and scooter since 2006” our ebike and scooters are designed and produced based on the philosophy of advanced technologies and innovations ,HEZZO leads fashion and trends of electric bicycle.We listen carefully to our consumers and investigate each details of improvement.so far we have preliminary established an international distributing networks in US,EU and UK, Prompt delivery and Customers satisfactory is our ultimate persue.


1、Long cycle life of the product, generally can reach more than 1800 times under 100% DOD.
2、Excellent high temperature cycle performance.
3、excellent low temperature performance, single battery capacity at -20 degrees to maintain more than 70%, battery pack capacity to maintain more than 88%.
4、 wide operating temperature range, normal operation within -15°C~55°C.
5、 High specific energy, currently the specific energy of single cell is about 200Wh/kg, and the battery pack reaches more than 130Wh/kg.
6、 Good multiplier performance, can be quickly charged and discharged.
7、The self-discharge rate is less than 4% for 1 month of fully charged storage at room temperature.
8、 The working voltage of single cell battery is 2.75~4.2V, with good product compatibility.
9、 Fully automated production process, good consistency of the battery cells.
10、Outstanding performance, competitive with similar products.

Warm reminder

1.When the voltage is less than half. please charge in time.
2. if voltage is too low, it will affect the battery life, If you don't use batteries for a long time, please charge the battery once every 2 months, and charge to half full every time When charging, be sure to use the matching charger provided by our company
3.The charging head of the charger need to be inserted in the charging port of the whole vehicle, or the battery is taken out and inserted into the charging port of the battery box, and then the power plug of the charger to be inserted on the power socket
4.Make sure the charging time is sufficient at least 4-6 hours
5.The power consumption is 0.3 kwh per charge
6.For the safety sake, please do not place the charge where children can touch it. And make sure there are no other high power electronic products and flammable and explosive materials around the battery when charging

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